Welcome to Radiant Life Academy!

Here you will find your chance to manifest your dreams, get the support for self improvement that you have been looking for, and overcome obstacles that have held you back in life. This is your chance to set yourself free!

We have put together for you a set of courses that will assist you with your awakening in ways you never imagined, and all of these courses are beyond affordable!

Radiant Life Academy is a non profit extension of Wisdom of the Heart 501(c)3 and University of Metaphysical Sciences so this is not about making money. While we have to make ends meet, pay staff, bills, etc, we make these courses as affordable as possible for you to help make affordable for the regular person just trying to make it through life financially without the price tag that most leaders, teachers and facilitators are asking for their courses.

We are always adding more courses so stay tuned! Radiant Life Academy is constantly growing and adding more material to meet the needs of those who keep coming for more!